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Parcel Delivery

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Parcel Delivery

Vmoto electric scooters have achieved a strong competitive advantage in parcel delivery markets and have served parcel delivery businesses for more than 8 years. Vmoto electric scooters are highly adaptable and can be customised to meet a customer’s requirements.

  • Key features of Vmoto electric scooters for parcel delivery industry are:
  • Choices of rear cargo box to suit customers delivery purposes and operations
  • Front cargo rack for heavy loading
  • Reverse function
  • Brake pads can be changed efficiently
  • Free maintenance tubeless motor
  • USB and on-board charger
  • Removable lithium battery pack
  • Eligible for government grants in many European countries
  • Long Distance: 120-150km@45km/h
  • Large loading volume: over 250L
  • Heavy loading capacity: total up to 397 kg (scooter weight 150kg, cargo weight up to 160kg and rider weight up to 87kg)
  • Low batteries and motor replacement rate over the usage period

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