Start into a new era
of E-Mobility.

Breathtaking. Inspiring. Revolutionary. Or just simply fantastic. The new Super SOCO
TS is a state of the art electric vehicle when it comes to e-mobility. After many years
of conceptual design and development, it has finally been created. It will thrill you – without
compromises, because e-mobility has become so enjoyable. Super SOCO TS – the
Pro of Play!

E-Mobility has never looked so cool.
Choose your style of Super SOCO TS.

LED lights of the next generation

SOCO’s groundbreaking LED light technology will guide you through dynamic weather
conditions day and night. The SOCO’s LED headlight provides better vision during riding and
draw attention from its modern design.

Intelligent LED Speedometer

The SOCO’s intelligent display will show you all data you need during your trip: current speed, remaining
range, driving mode and much more. Special coating and backlight make display data clear
and easy to read even at strong sunlight and at night.

Powerful batteries
for longer range

The Super SOCO TS can be equipped with up to two
batteries simultaneously. The batteries are easily
removable and can be recharged conveniently at your
apartment or living room. Each battery consists of dozens
of high-performance lithium-ion-cells –intelligent battery management
system (BMS) included.

High Performance Motor

The new Super SOCO TS is powered by BOSCH 17 inch high
performance motor, located inside the rear wheel of Super
SOCO TS. The electrical power is transmitted superbly,
delivering a superb driving experience with maximum
torque of 120N.m

Motorsport-grade brakes
for maximum safety performance

per SOCO TS is equipped wth hydraulic double-piston braking systems, known from the
motorsport, which allows you to handle the motorcycle precisely.
Super SOCO TS braking systems also equipped with E-ABS electronic auxiliaryfunctions, which
transform the braking traction to electric power and transfer to batteries to increase the range
and increase the life of lithium batteries.

Technical Specifications

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