Vmoto currently has two brands

Vmoto’s existing product range and product planning fully reflect the trends and industry changes from historical and traditional petrol vehicle products to new “green” emission free electric vehicle products.

Vmoto is continuously expanding its electric scooter product range and aiming to have a comprehensive electric scooter products ranging from high powered electric scooter series to lower cost electric scooter series. In addition, Vmoto will also progressively move from manufacturing electric two wheels vehicles to include manufacturing of electric three wheels and four wheels vehicles in future.

The Company also has dual brands strategy, which are:

  • “E-Max” for B2B markets; and
  • “VMOTO” for B2C markets.

The “VMOTO” brand has enjoyed strong success in Australia and New Zealand and is widely recognised in the public arena.

The “E-Max” brand was acquired by Vmoto from E-Max Germany Group. E-MAX has been widely recognised and perceived as high-tech, green and environmental friendly electric transportation throughout the world.

As well as operating under its own brands, the Company also sells to a number of customers on an original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) basis.