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E-Max VT 120LD+

High Performance and Value Electric Delivery Scooter

Vmoto's E-Max VT-120LD+ electric delivery scooter has earned a reputation in the international market as one of the best two-wheel electric delivery vehicles available worldwide.

VT-120LD+ is highly adaptable and well suited to long distance, heavy duty and large loading delivery purpose - a real work horse. It is particularly suitable for food and parcel delivery operations.

LED Headlight

Double light-bulbs modern headlight design,
waterproof and high luminance.

LED Indicators

LED type indicators, high luminance, creative circular
design, which are modern and contemporary.

Tail Lights

Integrated wrap-around LED tail light, wide visual
range, extra reflector ensures safer travelling.


LCD display screen, white backlight make display data clear and easy to read; display speed, overall mileage, driving mode, battery capacity; waterproof ensures high clarity in all weather conditions.


High-precision throttle, smooth layout of switches, high-
precision speed control.

Three driving modes:

Chassis designed that have equivalent performace to
125cc scooter, good control, high safety, electrophoretic
paint, high heat resistance, durable and suitable for
heavy duty delivery for long period of time.


130/60-13” tubeless tyre,
specifically produced for high strength, strong grip, high drainage performance, great abrasion resistance, and adapt well to all road conditions.

*picture only for reference


Removable and large capacity lithium battery.

Mileage: 70-80km (75kg rider, flat road, 23°C, 45km/h)

Actual range subject to loading weight, temperature, wind speed, road status, operating
behaviors and other factors

Charging time: 5-6 hours

Special molecular structure battery layout, safe and proper cells distance, high
performance, long battery life, extended charging cable


High performance brushless motor.

Improved energy conversion efficiency and mileage.

Maximum power: 4000w

Climbing angle: ≤14°

Single swing arm structure, enable efficient and hassle-free maintenance.

Rear Cargo Box Holder

Strong rear cargo box holder, which can fit various type of cargo

Made by carbon steel, durable, special holder absorber design,
guarantee stabilization of boxes, extra armrest, convenient to
stop and park.

Cargo Box

Large capacity cargo box

Maximum loading weight: 160kg*

Maximum loading volume: ~250L*

Choices of various cargo boxes can be installed and fitted.

*160kg is measured result of the cargo loading with extra carriers.

Tailored design and elements for delivery
  • Brake System

    Combined brake system (CBS) with front/rear
    disc that increases safety, quick respond, short
    brake distance (brake distance: 4m).

  • Shock Absorbers

    Inverted hydraulic front shock absorbers, highly
    responsive and good balancing.

  • Shock Absorbers

    Adjustable rear shock absorbers, flexible
    adjustments and performance, highly responsive,
    good balancing and safe.

  • Stands

    Side-stand at both sides, convenient to park
    when conducting delivery.

    Main stand, keep scooter stable when users
    open/close cargo box or away.

  • Foldable Hook

    Foldable hook, conveniently to hold cargo in bags,
    increase loading volume for delivery operations.

Technical Specifications
Electric Driving System

Max.power: 4000w
Max.speed: 80km/h
Motor type: Hub motor
Max. climbing angle: 14 degree


Battery type: Lithium
Battery capacity: 48V/102Ah
Charging time: 5-6 hours
Charger: 90V-240VAC


Wheel base: 1410mm
L*W*H: 1905x720x1140mm
Ground clearance: 150mm
Front Wheel: 130/60-13” tubeless
Max. loading weight: 160kg


Lights: LED (front, rear, flashing)
Display: LCD
Brake system: CBS
Remote key: 2 pieces (optional)

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