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Vmoto and Super Soco in 2017 EICMA exhibition


Vmoto and Super Soco participated jointly in the recent EICMA international motorcycle exhibition, one of the world’s largest exhibitions and events for two-wheel vehicles, held in Milan, Italy from 7-12 November 2017.

Interest was strong in the joint Vmoto, Super Soco product offering and seems to indicate a tipping point has been reached in market acceptance of the inevitability of EV’s replacing petrol two wheelers, especially in business and commerce.


Three factors are driving this. Firstly, international corporations adopting clean and green technology, and petrol driven fleet vehicles are increasingly seen as not supporting corporate social responsibility goals. Secondly, local governments are restricting the hours of operation of last mile petrol delivery vehicles because of noise and pollution. Thirdly, looming government regulations, restricting the use of any petrol or diesel vehicles, are coming into force in many European cities.

IMG_4460.JPG EICMA generated interest from potential new business partners in Europe, SE Asia and the Americas. Strongest interest came from companies with last mile delivery applications, sharing applications, postal and parcel delivery services and distributors of conventional petrol two wheels who recognise the business and social landscape is rapidly changing. 

Subsequent to EICMA international motorcycle exhibition, Vmoto’s Chairman, Managing Director and team visited a number of European distributors and operations, and have identified a number of market and growth opportunities for Vmoto’s businesses in Europe. Outcomes from the visit to European distributors are fruitful and productive and any further material developments will be announced as and when appropriate.


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