One step higher

A strong, safe and high-tech vehicle: the perfect partner for your
daily adventures.

At the top
The CPx becomes even faster thanks to the 7 kW engine, which makes it even more powerful, bringing it up to a speed of 105 km/h.
105 Km/h
Max speed
7 kW
Engine power
100 Km
2 Batteries range
stash display

Everything you need for top riding
Cutting-edge technology and many, small details that make your ride easy, safe and enjoyable.

USB charging port
Charge your phone when the main power is turned on

Storage space - 2.000 cm3
Take with you everything you need, handy

One push reverse button
Reverse assisted function, for an effortless electric reversing ride

5 minutes chaging times
Patented single swing-arm motor for a free maintenance.


Top-class loading capacity
Safe and strong carbon steel luggage rack has passed more than 1 million vibration resistance tests.

Full LED headlights provide the best visibility conditions, day, night and in all weather conditions.

75 m
Radiation distance
29000 cd
High beam brightness
13480 cd
Low beam brightness

Get ready for

a long journey

60 V 45 Ah * 2
Battery capacity
3 years
Battery warranty
+ 1200
Charging Cycles
3.5 h (Single Battery)
Charging Time
Saddle up!
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