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Sharing is easier with Vmoto: our scooters can be equipped, directly at the production stage, with wiring compatible to your sharing platform.
Vmoto smart platform
The 4G APP prepares Vmoto scooters for integration with the third-party computing ecostystem. You can receive your fleet solely with integration-ready wiring or already complete with IOT, programmable to your needs.

Automobile CAN-bus communication system

The CAN-bus standard allows a real-time ad high transmission rate connection. Improved wiring layout enables stability of the electronic control system, promoting better ride management.

Vmoto sharing solutions
We offer a comprehensive and full solution for electric moped sharing business. Our vehicles need low maintenance: easy dis-assembling and assembling design, anti vandalism and theft-proof solutions, special ride sharing features.

Smart display
With display protector from anti-vandalism

QR code position and protector
You know the location of the vehicle at any time

Mobile phone carrier
Facilitates driving even for the user who is not familiar with the roadways

5 minutes changing times
Patented single swing-arm motor for a fast maintenancenance

Easy repair
The fairings can be easily removed to reach the electronic components

Latest CATL NCM lithium battery
Adaptable to different models and with longer cycle of 1500

Special designed covers
Protect alla the cables from vandalism

Special exposed frame
Better protection of the vehicle body from fallen and breakage

Efficient CBS design
Better safety performance

Anti-theft design
Anti-theft screws and other anti-theft design

API & connectivity with other system

Vmoto APIs enable fleet vehicles to communicate easily with any IT ecosystem, thus simplifying connection with the third-party app and saving a net amount of time and money.

Vmoto APP
Our vehicles can also be equipped with our proprietary app, which enables connection between you, your vehicle and the cloud in a smart and convenient way.
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