Taking it to the Next Level
Building on the success of its predecessor, this improved model offers even more features and capabilities, making it an even more compelling choice for our customers.

stash display
85 Km/h
Maximum speed
135 Km
Max range
4300 W
Rated power

Design for the modern urban riding

User friendly revers function; double calipers extended brakes lifetime 3 times more; unbreakable foot-steps, protect the body parts.

Carbon steel rear carrier: durable and safe

70 l front basket loading volume

USB charging port and helmet hook

One push reverse button fon an easy reverse

2000CM3 storage space

Formalized battery pack

Its dual-battery autonomy of up to 135 km is combined with outstanding performance: VS1 Pro can reach a speed of 85 km/h, even under full load.

60 V 90 Ah
Battery capacity
7.0 h
Charging time(Double batteries)
4 years
1500 +
Numbers of cycles

Removable on board charger

Multi-stage intelligent charging function for an higher charging efficiency: it’s able to charge dual batteries at the same time. 3.5 hours fully charged from 0% to 1 00%. CE Approved.

Never stops

It only takes 5 minutes to change a wheel on the VS1 Pro, thanks to the patented single-sided swing arm: this minimises vehicle downtime and maximises the possibility and constancy of use.


Easy repair

The VS1 Pro’s front fairings can be easily removed to reach the electronic components, which are concentrated at the front of the scooter.


LED lighting system


Unmatched Quality and Comfort

Experience the ultimate in comfort with our extra large bike, featuring a seat with extra thick sponge cushioning. The high strenght carbon steel frame provides the necessary support to carry a load of up to 150 kg (rider excluded), while the rear rack, made of carbon steel, has passed 1 million high-strength vibration tests and is compatible with various types of panniers and cases.

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