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Two-wheels for
an happy life
New energy e-mobility solution provider Vmoto (ASX: VMT) is a world leading, fully integrated, new energy e-mobility solution provider, as a brand owner, designer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality electric two-wheel vehicles and related EV business solutions.
As a leading global provider of EV manufacturing and business solutions, we provide green mobility solutions for urban commuters and commercial operation customers in over 65 countries and regions, contributing to global sustainable development and energy saving.
Design, innovation and technology: Happiness is a journey
Explore Vmoto range
The coolest two-wheelers on the market, the Best-selling Pro of play
Explore Vmoto range
Your new business partner in professional delivery
Explore Vmoto range
Our aim is to spread a feeling of anticipation and happiness to everyone who is about to get on a Vmoto electric motorcycle.
Design, creativity and innovation are the assets we adopt in the field to develop the electric motorcycle
industry globally and offer uncompromising quality, the best customer service and constant improvement.
For those who seek a
with the world around them
Vmoto is an opportunity to escape the routine and experience the new electric motorbikes that restore vitality and passion lost over time.