Sculpted by the wind

For the first time we used the

wind tunnel

on a scooter

We started with the raw material and let the wind sculpt it. "The Power of The Air" became the payoff of APD Concept but also a testament to the design approach used by Vmoto and Pininfarina engineers. The air, the wind as a metaphor for an element that connects the needs of modern life with the respect and protection of the environment, to which we apply ourselves every day.

We combined




by applying the needs of urban commuting to an attractive design that enhances the scooter's performance and energy efficiency: thus, Vmoto APD Concept came to life.

A change. An innovation.

With its design, APD Concept represents a huge step forward for Vmoto:
it anticipates the main elements and lines that will characterize Vmoto's future models.

Why Pininfarina

It’s a legendary design house

International fame, symbol of Italian style in the world. With almost 90 years of experience, it offers products and services based on the values of the brand: purity, elegance and innovation.

Excellent media resonance

Established in 1930, Pininfarina allows our Group to benefit from worldwide resonance on all traditional and non-traditional communication channels (Press, TV, Social, Media, Newspapers).

Best performances

Pininfarina is absolutely the best in developing and designing high-tech products markedly designed with the intention of achieving maximum performance in whatever area they are used.

Best technology

Pininfarina characterized its design identity early on by building one of the world’s first and highest performing wind tunnels 50 years ago. From here came some of the world’s leading iconic products.

Best know how

Pininfarina experience built up in the automotive, marine, aviation, construction, and electronics products sectors ensures that our Group can enrich its know-how by capturing a vision and network of relationships around the world that are useful for Vmoto’s growth plans.