Top of the range
Minimalist design, reliable nature. Its futuristic, clean lines perfectly reflect the pursuit of beauty as well as zero-emission nature.

stash display
45 Km/h
L1e Max Speed
80 Km/h
L3e Max Speed
2000 W
L1e-B rated power
4000 W
L3e-A1 rated power

The VS2 CITI is the forerunner of a new design line, which stands between stylistic quality and comfort. Agile, manoeuvrable and eye-catching, it is the perfect B2B two-wheeler for those who want to distinguish their fleet.


The Ultimate Business Two-Wheeler

The VS2 CITI is a valuable addition to Vmoto Fleet's B2B vehicle lineup, designed specifically for commercial, delivery, and sharing purposes. With advanced features such as a reverse gear and a wider seat, it offers superior comfort and ease of use, even for novice riders.

User friendly reverse function for easy riding

Disc brake with dual calipers; makes brake life three times longer.

Unbreakable foot-steps, protect the body parts.

The wheel change takes as little as 5 minutes.

Formalized battery pack

VS2 CITI battery pack fits on multiple Vmoto models: less battery stock for operator, more opportunity to live your never ending travel.

60 V 45 Ah
60 V 32 Ah
Battery capacity
3.5 h
Fast charger (optional)
3 years
1500 +

Travel as much as you want

Top-of-the-line performance battery allows you to travel more than 70 km on a single charge. Optional 60V32Ah battery pack can connect with Vmoto swap station.

Easy repair

The VS2 CITI’s front fairings can be easily removed to reach the electronic components, which are concentrated at the front of the scooter.


Easy repair

Changing a tire takes only 5 minutes


Easy repair

Unique and unmistakable, VS2 CITI conveys elegance and solidity with a focus on easy repair in case of damage.

Make your VS2 CITI unique

So many options, making VS2 CITI the perfect vehicle for elevate your travel.

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