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With unified battery packs, the first step to an endless journey is completed, with many vehicles in the Vmoto Fleet range that share the same battery and allow compatibility. The result? Optimised storage, spare parts always available, reduced charging times.

Already using the unified battery:


the next step is cominig and it's set to revolutionize the way people experience urban mobility. Vmoto's Charging Stations will make your commute easy, fast and extremely smart!

no waiting

Stow the used battery in the exchange station and pick up one of the charged batteries: your two-wheeler is ready to go again right away!

Where and when you want
With Charging Stations, the battery for your vehicle is always close at hand. Whatever time of day, whatever the reason for your trip, Vmoto's new B2B solution will enable you to find a charged battery, close to you, 24/7.

Vmoto smart platform

Connect to the Vmoto network in real time to find out the exchange stations along your route and plan your trip, so you can travel constantly monitored for the best in safety, energy efficiency and performance.

Borderless development
Vmoto's Charging Stations network is designed to quickly expand across your country and beyond to power any journey, with no borders in sight.