Endurance & Performance:Vmoto presents the new CPx Explorer

8 November 2023


  • Vmoto renews its best seller CPx PRO and introduces new CPx Explorer.
  • The CPx Explorer features an eye-catching new design by Italian studio C-Creatve.
  • The 8 kW motor pushes CPx Explorer up to 105 km/h and gives a range of 100 km.
  • The mechanical base of the CPx Explorer is shared with that of the CPx PRO, recent Guinness World Record holder.

Milan, 8 November 2023 – After the launch of the fascinating APD Concept, created in collaboration with Pininfarina, Vmoto’s second novelty for EICMA 2023 is the CPx Explorer – a stylistic evolution of the CPx PRO.



It was not easy to get to grips with such a successful project as the CPx PRO – a scooter that won the hearts of customers with its eye-catching design and top-class performance. To do this, Vmoto once again turned to the expert pencil of C-Creative, the design studio led by Adrian Morton who had already signed the CITI, the Stash and the Dirt Bike Off-R and On-R, also for the brand of the blue V.



The Italian designers have thus completely redesigned the front of the CPx: the new Explorer in fact features a shield with a wraparound LED light cluster, instead of two single headlights, which crosses the frontal portion from end to end, clearly and dynamically defining the figure of the scooter.



The new front end not only improves aesthetics, but also aerodynamics, in line with the approach already applied on the Concept APD by Vmoto, which aims to put airflow optimization at the center of the design, as a means of improving dynamic performance and range, while decreasing air resistance.



Also new are the windscreen, detached from the body of the front shield, and the skirt below the seat, which is now more dynamic and tapered. Underneath the C-Creative garment, the CPx Explorer confirms the mechanical base that made the
CPx PRO fortune, and thus we find an 8 Kw motor, L3 category, that pushes the scooter up to 105 km/h and up to 100 km of autonomy of use.



A mechanical base, that of the CPx PRO, which has recently won an important award, proving its exceptional performance and reliability. On the Tazio Nuvolari circuit in Cervesina (Italy), a crew of five riders and professional journalists won the Guinness World Record for the greatest distance covered by an Electric Scooter over 24 hours, with a figure of 1931 km, covered in less than favorable weather conditions.



Certainly an excellent passport for the new CPx Explorer, which inherits all these extraordinary features from its predecessor but dresses them up in a new, charming, Italian tailoring suit.