From concept to reality! Vmoto presents stash

28 November 2022

Eicma 2022 again this year was a great success thanks to the many news, innovations and products that have represented key points for the growth of our Group.

During the fair we presented Stash: the 100% electric motorcycle that revolutionized the vision of Urban Mobility thanks to its incredible features:

– European design designed by the pencil of Adrian Morton “Designer Director” of C-Creative.
– Improved performance: top speed of 110 Km/h with a boost function that allows it to reach above 120 Km/h.
– Range of about 180 km*
– Large storage space inserted between the seat and steering tube.
– Central engine
– Die-cast aluminum swingarm
*At the speed of 45Km/h, in test condition

These are just some of the features that make Stash an innovative motorcycle oriented toward future demands, in fact this motorcycle combines the agility and practicality typical of scooters with the riding pleasure, stability and braking distances of a conventional motorcycle.

The goal is to accomodate to all kinds of daily mobility, without limiting it to urban mobility. Added to practicality is the performance provided by the electric motor with a power rating of 8 kW, and a peak of 15 kW, which the designers make available with the boost function.

The chassis is stiff and light, combined with top-quality suspension and wheels with true street dimensions: 17 inches in diameter for both. With a braking system entrusted to two discs controlled by a combined circuit, which distributes the action to both wheels, to put those who chose a Stash as their first bike at ease.