Proday 2022 mugello july 25th a monday of passion and fun!

4 August 2022

The most exciting day ever has just ended, the second edition of ProDay closed on Monday, July 25th, taking home the satisfaction of all the participants who were able to race on the track at the famous Mugello Circuit together with great champions such as Jorge Lorenzo, Troy Bayliss, Michele Pirro, Dario Marchetti, Marco Lucchinelli and many others.

A truly unique occasion of great fun and passion for two wheels. Motorsport great champions left behind rankings and timings to dedicate themselves to their lifelong friends who once again appreciated the spirit of this day wanted and made possible by the passion and tenacity by Mr. Graziano Milone: President of Strategy and Business Development of Vmoto International.

A second edition all to remember for the Vmoto team that was able to participate

in this great reality that is the ProDay, which every year allows us to turn and be in the most famous circuits in the world.

Some important numbers on ProDay:
– 300+ people at the event
– 60+ people ran on the track
– Important international partners: Alpinestars, Givi, Arai, Snapshot, Pirelli, Santero and more
– 30 importers from 10 different locations: Romania, Lithuania, Serbia, Greece, UK, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, France and Germany
– 15+ international press titles
– 500+ results on the web

Special thanks to all the importers who joined this event making it even more special and unique. See you next year!