Vmoto sets a new Guinness World Record with CPx Pro!

4 November 2023
  • Vmoto set a new Guinness World Record for the ‘Greatest distance on an electric scooter in 24 hours by a team in relay’.
  • Team Vmoto achieved the distance of 1931 kilometres, improving on the previous record of 151 kilometres, on the Circuito Tazio Nuvolari in Cervesina (PV), Italy.
  • The scooter used is a standard CPx PRO, driven by a crew of 5 pro riders and journalists.
  •  The CPx PRO protagonist of this extraordinary feat will be on display on the Vmoto stand at EICMA, from 7 to 12 November.


Circuito Tazio Nuvolari, Cervesina (PV), Italy, 4 November 2023 – Vmoto, a leading brand in urban electric mobility, has officially set a new Guinness World Record for ‘the Greatest distance on an electric scooter in 24 hours by a team in relay’, covering 1931 kilometres with its best-seller CPx PRO on the Circuito Tazio Nuvolari, in Cervesina, in the province of Pavia, Northern Italy.



With this extraordinary result, Vmoto beat the previous record of 151 kilometres – which was set at 1780 kilometres. The vehicle chosen for this feat was the CPx PRO, used in a strictly OEM production version: an L3 category scooter, equipped with an 8 kW maximum power motor, capable of a maximum speed of 105 km/h and a maximum range of 100 km.



The CPx PRO was ridden by a crew of professional riders and journalists led by Valerio Boni, journalist, writer and veteran of these endurance challenges. Alongside him, taking the handlebars were Stefano Gaeta, tester and editor of Dueruote, Alberto Cecotti, editor and riding instructor, Begoña Calvo Morillo, editor of Motociclismo España and riding instructor, and Massimo Roccoli, six-time Italian Supersport Champion. Technical coordinator was Claudio Quintarelli, Operation Manager Italian Branch of Vmoto with a past as a world-class racing Team Manager. Supporting him were Andrea Gerini, Technical Chief, and Alessandro Colombo, Technical Director Vmoto Italy.

The record attempt took place in absolutely challenging weather conditions, which made an already difficult adventure even more forbidding. The five riders in fact faced a wide variety of environmental situations.



The start took place at 9 pm on Thursday 2 November, with the night now late and the asphalt damp. As the new day dawned, a very strong thunderstorm hit the Circuito Tazio Nuvolari, lowering visibility levels and the temperature to around 4°. During the morning, the wind cleared the sky of clouds and with the sun peeping through, the track gradually dried out, reaching a perfect ambient temperature of 16° in the central hours of Friday 3 November. The trial ended at 9 pm on Friday 3 November.

With this continuous alternation of weather conditions, the support of the staff made available by the Circuit Tazio Nuvolari of Cervesina (PV) and the circuit facilities was essential. Also crucial was the equipment made available by technical sponsor Alpinestars, which dressed the Vmoto riders with the best items from the Racing catalogue to make them safe and protected – even from wind and rain!



The CPx PRO, for its part, proved to be a perfect ally in the conquest of the laurel. In particular, its handling, stability and acceleration were important to keep the performance stable and consistent over 24 hours and 1931 kilometres, without hesitation. It was a test of endurance, both physical and mental, which was extremely difficult for the riders and the Vmoto Team, but also for the CPx PRO – which was called upon to withstand outsized mechanical stress.

“Dedication and passion always pay off, especially if supported by a CPx PRO in fantastic shape,” commented Claudio Quintarelli, Operation Manager Italian Branch of Vmoto. “Our scooter was not afraid to overcome the weather conditions of four different seasons in the space of 24 hours. Not even the downpour that hit the Circuito Tazio Nuvolari ever shattered my conviction that we would be able to bring home this extraordinary result.”



Graziano Milone, President / Strategy & Business Development, CMO Vmoto International, said: “In recent years, the Vmoto group has grown carving out a leading role for itself in the urban electric mobility market. This certainly happened thanks to our product design and marketing strategy, but even more so thanks to the quality of our vehicles. We strongly wanted to undertake this venture to clearly underline that the starting point for the design and construction of every Vmoto-branded vehicle is and always will be reliability. This Guinness World Record makes us proud, but it also tells us that our CPx PRO is an extraordinary vehicle, which has travelled more than 1900 kilometres in 24 hours in adverse weather conditions without a single hesitation, and that is why it is the best choice for our customers’ everyday challenges.”