Vmoto Soco becomes Vmoto: a unified brand for all e-mobility models and EV solutions.

3 April 2024


Milan, April 3, 2024 – Vmoto Group, a leading e-motorcycle/e-scooter and comprehensive e-mobility solution company unified its brands for all of its e-motorcycles, e-scooters and EV solutions to Vmoto brand.


Founded in 2002 in Perth, Australia, Vmoto Group had entered a strategic partnership with Super Soco in 2020, a Chinese company active in the production of electric vehicles with whom it had been collaborating since 2017. Thus, Vmoto Soco was born, a joint venture between the two companies, which also included the ownership and management of the E-Max brand since 2009.


The Group, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (VMT), has successfully led the growth and expansion of the Vmoto and Super Soco brands over the years, marketing products of the highest quality, both in production and style, thanks to collaborations with major design studios and international partnerships, such as those with Ducati Corse and Dorna.


Today, in order to cope with an increasingly challenging world market, but also full of opportunities, Vmoto Group has decided to group all its operational areas under one, iconic brand – R&D, production, marketing. The new models, e-motorcycles and e-scooters, of the manufacturer will from now on all be identified under the single Vmoto brand, with the exception of vehicles dedicated to B2B, which will bear the Vmoto Fleet brand. The decision was motivated by the desire to present the market with a strong and unified identity, immediately recognisable, to reach the end consumer as clearly and directly as possible.


After having played a crucial role in the group’s growth in past years, Vmoto Group will no longer market company’s products under E-Max and Super Soco brands.


Charles Chen, Managing Director of Vmoto Group, commented on the news: “Today is an important milestone for Vmoto. Unifying all our operations under a single, strong brand like Vmoto means being able to address an increasingly demanding global market with clarity, transparency, and determination, continuing to produce and design vehicles that offer top-of-the-line performance, quality, and design.”


Graziano Milone, President of Strategy & Business Developments and Global CMO of Vmoto Group, commented on the news: “The EV market is going through one of the most important and crucial moments of its cycle, a cultural and industrial transformation that will lead it to its definitive commercial consecration: presenting itself to it using the Vmoto brand will allow our Group to reduce internal fragmentation and have a clearer and more defined image in the eyes of customers and consumers from all over the world. This rebranding operation is much more than a simple restyling, but a real injection of energy into the engine of Vmoto and its market presence.”


On this occasion, Vmoto Group presented the new institutional website, characterized by a new and emotional graphic design and increasingly accessible and engaging content: it is reachable at vmoto.com.