Vmoto and Jorge Lorenzo together on stage at EICMA 2023!

16 November 2023


On the stage of the Vmoto stand at EICMA 2023, there was no shortage of surprises! In fact, if the first two days of the show has been focused on the new products, with the official launches of APD Concept and CPx Explorer, Thursday was entirely dedicated to the friends of the brand. Matador of the day was Jorge Lorenzo, five-time MotoGP World Champion and Official Testimonial of Vmoto, who in the morning presented on stage together with Sky Sport MotoGP journalist Vera Spadini and Vmoto International President and Global CMO Graziano Milone two very special videos…



Jorge Lorenzo & Vmoto Dirt Bike Off-R – Flat Track Experience.

During ProDay 2023, Jorge Lorenzo had the chance to ride the new Vmoto Dirt Bike Off-R for a showdown of drifts and overtakes with Graziano Milone on the Misano World Circuit flat track! On the dirt ring, the World Champion highlighted all the extraordinary



extraordinary dynamic qualities of the 100% electric fun bike, thrilling with his spectacular riding style. The extreme lightness of the bike and the torquey soul of the Vmoto electric motor make for a dynamic and fun ride, especially in the hands of an exceptional rider like Jorge, who had fun sliding the Dirt Bike around in the dust! Graziano Milone tried in every way to keep up with the Majorcan champion: do you think he succeeded? Find out now by watching the official video!



Jorge Lorenzo & Vmoto VS3 – A World Champion’s Job.

OK, that Vmoto’s Dirt Bike is great fun we all know by now, even Jorge Lorenzo. But Vmoto does not only make spare-time vehicles, quite the opposite: the Vmoto Fleet range offers many different solutions for the most diverse professional needs, from delivery to sharing. The flagship of this special family



is undoubtedly the Vmoto VS3 – the special three-wheeled electric vehicle with a total payload of no less than 150 kg and top rideability thanks to its fractionated chassis. For once, we asked Jorge to try a job… out of his usual box, a delivery made with our VS3, and we have to say he didn’t do too badly! See how it went between the Champion and the VS3 in the official video.



Vmoto & ProDay – Endurance & Performance Special Talk.

In the afternoon, together with our friends from Moto.it and GPOne.com, a special talk was held on the stage of the Vmoto stand, moderated by Vera Spadini, which had as guests Jorge Lorenzo, Dario Marchetti and Michele Pirro – surprisingly brought on stage by Graziano Milone. The champions spoke to journalists



on the subject of Performance and Endurance, with reference to the Guinness World Records recently won by Vmoto with its CPx PRO, and commented on the current, exciting epilogue of the MotoGP World Championship, in an occasion that literally enraptured the many fans present at the Vmoto stand!

Between new products, friends who came to visit us and the contagious passion of the spectators, the 80th edition of EICMA ended in the best possible way.

On behalf of the Vmoto Team, a sincere thanks goes to all those who came to visit us on the stand and a heartfelt goodbye to EICMA 2024!